Navigating Nutrition During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Whether you’re working long grueling hours in the hospital, making sure elderly loved ones are being cared for, homeschooling kids, or navigating how to work from home while staying sane, it’s understandable that we are all feeling stress in some way.

For those that are working long hours maybe you’re exhausted…maybe the demand of your attention for more important matters has left nutrition as a low priority and because of it maybe you’re suffering from burnout and low energy?

If you’re a caretaker perhaps you’re so focused on the wellbeing of your friends and family that you forget to eat and opt for quicker, less healthy, options…or maybe you forget to eat altogether? Could it be that you’re left with a lack of patience and possibly some resentment because you no longer have time to take care of yourself?

Working from home without a clear plan can make your home feel like a prison. Maybe you’ve worked all day with very little break time and you’re not moving around as much as you used to during the day? Maybe this leaves you with little motivation because you’re adapting to a new routine and don’t know where to begin so you seek pleasure in foods that are less healthy and you relax from sitting all day by watching TV?

Not eating enough, and overeating processed foods are both very real challenges as we transition into our new norms with the Coronavirus outbreak.

The solution to keeping us focused on our nutrition goals begins with intentionality, routine, discipline, and self-awareness.

Just like with exercise, good nutrition will not just magically happen for you and takes intention. You must seek out nutritious foods to create balanced meals for yourself to have the lasting, sustainable energy you need during this strange time. If you intend to eat healthily you must first start with buying foods that are nutrient-dense and donate those that are less favorable. If you know you’ll overdo it on a certain food it may be best to put that food out of sight to ease the temptation. It also takes intention to not skip meals! It’s common to struggle with finding the time to eat when our responsibilities become overwhelming.

An easy fix? Set an alarm to remind you that it’s time to eat a meal. Have food that is pre-made so that taking a break to eat is easy and convenient.

As for your routines, they will be the foundation of your good nutrition. At Never Settle Lifestyle, we believe that you should be able to have the nutrition skills to know what to eat and how to eat for your goals- no matter the challenges you’re facing or your location! A proper routine will be the support system for having good nutrition for the rest of your life.

To begin, figure out a routine that works for you! Start by going to bed at a reasonable hour that allows you to have ample sleep. Your sleep schedule should allow for some time in the morning to gently start your day so that you ease into your to-do lists with less stress and tension overall. Routines should be enjoyable and fun! 

When it comes to discipline, this is what will allow for the structure needed to establish a good routine as mentioned before. Of course, this comes with some balance. Becoming overly strict with your discipline can lead to more stress and even burnout! Discipline is the difference in choosing what you want to do vs. what you should do in the moment when no one else is looking. It works in a sort of way that is like investing in your future self… sure your present self may not want to deal with the mountain of laundry you need to do but your future self will thank you for it when it’s time to put a nice outfit together.

Discipline can be the difference of good to great and is a cornerstone for success and reaching your goals. When it comes to nutrition, discipline comes in handy when what you want most is more important that what you want right now. Discipline in practice could look like not snacking between meals just because you sense a little bit of hunger or being proactive to purchase and cook the food you will need for a busy week ahead.

Developing proper discipline takes a great deal of self-awareness. When it comes to sticking to your nutrition program often, its YOU vs. YOU! The more you know your strengths and weaknesses the more you can play them to your advantage.

Self-awareness is also realizing what you’re good at! Maybe your superpower is tracking data, scheduling, having an organized pantry, or helping others. These can be used to your advantage. By applying what you’re good at you gain the ability to plan better and execute on your goals fully. To start to develop your self-awareness pause and ask yourself...

”How can I use my superpowers to help me stay on track with my nutrition goals?”…

”What are my weaknesses?”…

”What habits do I have that may trip me up?”…

”How can I do better?”

Sharpening these skills as a whole takes being proactive, upfront and honest with yourself. Our most successful clients have worked very hard at developing these skills.

At Never Settle Lifestyle we understand that for some, these skills need to be learned and we are happy to teach them! Having good nutrition for life that encourages you to meet your goals takes practice. Once you develop these skills for yourself you will be able to approach stressful situations that involve nutrition with more confidence and grace.

Not to mention you will have the skills for life!

If you are ready for some guidance with your nutrition you can schedule a consultation with your own Never Settle Lifestyle coach and get started today.

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