Why You're Not Making Progress + How To Fix It.

It can be quite frustrating when progress stalls while transforming your body + health. Nothing can take the wind out of your sails faster than when you feel like you're putting in a lot of effort but not seeing the return you'd like.

In this blog, I discuss how to, once + for all, make progress with your nutrition when you stall out.

Often diagnosing why you're not seeing progress can feel like solving a Rubix cube!

It may be hard to pinpoint the issue(s) that are holding you back with all the moving parts involved with reaching your health goals. Especially if you don't have the help of a coach to guide you.

How much you eat, the people you hang around, exercise, your tendencies, + habits all play a role!

Here are ways you are likely holding yourself back + what you can do about it:

1) Not being honest about your habits.

(As a coach, hands down, I see this one the most!)

You can see it in the ways you justify your negative habits.

You lie to yourself [*ahem* + your coach] by...

  • Eating or drinking more than you're being honest about.

  • Eating or drinking less than you're being honest about.

  • Not working as hard as you say you are during workouts.

  • Not recording your habits + what you're consuming on a regular basis.

THE SOLUTION: Start recording!

Record everything. When you fail to record your habits + what you're consuming you will continue to fail to clearly see what the problem is!

Record your meals, drinks, your daily habits like exercise, your sleep + mood.

When you write down what you're doing + how you're doing it, there is a whole new level of accountability that is brought into the picture-especially if you're having to share your progress with a coach!

The more information you record the better feedback you'll get about what's not working for you.

Most of all, be honest about what you record. The only person that hurts is you when you lie about your habits. Trust me, your coach will know when you're living + it won't impress them.

Maintain that integrity no matter what.

2) A lack of self-awareness + focus.

This is different from not being honest with yourself. You may not even be aware of your mistakes + lack of focus.

Notice it in the ways you...

  • Overthink.

  • Allow your ego to take over + obsess over control vs. surrendering to the process.

  • Self-sabotage by way of:

  • perfectionism,

  • procrastination,

  • +/or avoidance.

  • All-in or all-out mentalities. Maybe you go hard + the moment you have a setback you begin to avoid following your program.

  • Maybe you "want it" but you:

  • Don't believe you can achieve your goals.

  • Don't believe you're worthy of success.

THE SOLUTION: inner work.

  • Notice your overthinking + observe it without judgment. Choose to stop overthinking.

  • Allow. Surrender. Get curious about why you feel a need to control.

  • Be coachable + listen to the wisdom of the people that have been on the same path that you’re on.

  • Notice your self-sabotage without judgment. It's important to figure out where the self-sabotage is coming from.

  • Take extreme ownership + responsibility for your actions without shaming yourself.

  • If you tend to be all in or all out notice your patterns. How can you become more consistent with your program