Working With Family During Your Health Journey

Here's the hard truth...

not everyone will support your healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to nutrition.

Not because your family wants you to fail.

Usually, it's due to a lack of understanding + miscommunication. It can leave things to feel confusing + frustrating for everyone involved.

After all, you have been known to be a certain way for your entire life + NOW you're switching it up?!

When you're working to create change in your life it can feel uncomfortable for those around you!


If you fail to communicate your needs around meals with family + it doesn't go as planned, guess whose fault it is? Yours.

Clearly + gently stating your needs + expectations around meal timing, food types, + ideas for places to eat will keep you from feeling resentful towards family + prevent your family from feeling frustrated towards you + your health journey.

2. Get them involved!

When you feel isolated because you've chosen to do things differently it can lead to a cascade of negative emotions + sabotage your efforts. Don't sit in a corner + stay quiet about your new lifestyle. OWN IT!

Let family in on what you're doing! Talk about your healthy lifestyle in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming for everyone involved. After all, there is a lot of change + a lot of information that comes with changing the way things have always been. Educate them about what you're learning little by little.

Most of all, show your family how to cook healthy meals! This way they can discover new healthy meals that they like + you can easily enjoy meals together.

3. Avoid being perfectionistic.

Forcing perfectionism on your family is asking for conflict. Simply start by living in front of them. Kindly educate as needed + answer questions as needed.

The truth is they are NOT on your journey-nor should you expect them to be!

4. Don't expect support from everyone.

Not everyone will support you.

That's ok.

First, they may judge, they may question +

ask "WHY" then they will ask you "HOW".

It can be quite confronting for others when you have the courage to step up + make changes in your life for the better!

Deep down this family member may even feel a little jealous. Like someone is holding a mirror up to them + reminding them of all of the potentials they've missed out on in regards to their health + lifestyle.

5. At times you may get unwelcome opinions + unsolicited advice.

...About the way you look, the way you're eating, your decisions about working out + how you're spending your time.

This is a good time to practice non-attachment to the emotions that it brings up for you.

When someone leaves you feeling judged, it's up to you to respond accordingly + not react to those judgments.

Observe how negative comments make you feel but do NOT let those emotions sink their teeth into you!

If you're feeling confronted it's up to you to calmly shelf the conversation until a better time when everyone is level-headed.

At that point, it's a good time to remind yourself that you do not have to do what everyone else is doing.

You're now living in a way that most people aren't willing to live. Because of that, you will then have a life that most people do not have.


Getting your family on board with who you now are will take time!

Change can feel scary for some people.

When we stay the course + unapologetically show up as who we want to become again + again we are telling our subconscious + everyone around us:

"This is now who I am. This is the life that I'm choosing to live. This is how it gets to be because this is the life that's meant for me."

Oh, + that new life you're striving for?

It's worth far beyond the adversity you will face to get there + maintain it.

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